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About Us

The Church of Christian Liberty is an independent family congregation with a world-wide missionary vision. Our Sunday services include solidly Reformed Biblical teaching, emphasizing the importance of applying the truths of Scripture to every aspect of our lives. We enjoy singing the hymns and Psalms.

Sunday school classes are available for younger children. During morning worship a nursery is available, if needed, for infants and their mothers. Otherwise, we believe that children belong beside their parents during worship.

For over 50 years, the Church of Christian Liberty has pioneered the area of home schooling and provides everything from a single book to a complete program which includes everything you need at one low price. We have been blessed to work with families and schools around the world.

Our 12-acre campus houses not only our church and homeschool ministry, but also a preK-12 day-school with about 450 children enrolled. Our emphasis is on quality, affordability, and traditional teaching centered around the study of the Book of Books, God's infallible Bible. 

Church Officers


Pastor Calvin Lindstrom

Dr. Philip Bennett

Mr. Philip Roos



Mr. Kurt Bennett

Mr. Whittaker Bennett

Mr. Dave McCarville

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